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Top Pick: Motives® Khol Eyeliner

February 1st, 2017

A good eyeliner is the punctuation on a great face of makeup. It ties the whole look together, making your eyes the main focus. This week’s Top Pick focuses on one of my favorite must-haves: Motives® Khol Eyeliner.

There’s nothing as great as having your go-to supply of products that keep you looking your absolute best – it’s a must! And, having the perfect eyeliner is definitely up there as one of the most important products in your arsenal.

Loren Ridinger

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Top Pick: Motives® Khol Eyeliner

I’ve tried so many eyeliners in my time and I have to say, some are real keepers and many just don’t make the cut. When you find one you love, there’s nothing you can do but share its magic with all your friends, right? It’s the code amongst makeup lovers, you find a good product and you have to share – so, here’s all about my favorite: Motives Khol Eyeliner. It really is the best, and here’s why…

This eyeliner is an exceptionally smooth eye pencil that provides precise definition without “dragging” or pulling the delicate eye area. In other words, it works like a charm!

  • Creamy and smooth; glides on with ease
  • Infused with oils that maintain skin’s hydration, and keep it looking soft and smooth
  • Amazing staying power
  • Hypoallergenic
Motives Khol Eyeliner

Motives Khol Eyeliners. / View image on Instagram.

It’s easy to use. Just gently pull your eyelid taut at an upward angle. Beginning at the inner corner, draw small, connected dashes along the top lashes. Be sure to stay close to the lash line so there is no skin visible between the lashes and the liner.

It comes in a huge variety of colors, perfect for any eye color or skin tone. From blue, green, purple, black, brown, gray, and even white, you’ll find the ideal tone that works just for you.

It’s non-irritating. Even though no product can guarantee a zero percent reaction, Motives Khol Eyeliner is hypoallergenic, and is infused with oils that hydrate the skin to keep it smooth and soft. This should reduce the potential for irritation on sensitive skin. The unique crayon tip will not pull the delicate skin around your eyes during application, further protecting delicate skin.

This eyeliner has incredible staying power. It applies smoothly, thanks to waxes which give it a soft consistency, and that smooth application leads to longer lasting liner as you transition the look from day to night.

Motives Khol Eyeliner Pencils

Motives Khol Eyeliner Pencils / View Image on Instagram.

Here’s what a few other users have to say:

“Great texture, strong pigments, perfect daily wear.”

The “coffee” brown pencil is my daily standard. I love how easily and smoothly it goes on, without tugging or stretching my eyelid. It doesn’t take much pressure to get a good line and it doesn’t crumble during application either. It works great for solid lines, and also blends well for a smokey eye look.


Have been using the Onyx liner for years and love it. One of my favorites. It’s creamy but not too much. Perfect for a straight line or smudged out.

Pretty great reviews, don’t you agree? I have to say, this eyeliner truly is one of my favorites and it’s quickly become my go-to in my stash of products, perfect for day and night. Do you have a favorite eyeliner?

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