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Beauty Basics: 3 Tips for Getting Your Foundation Just Right

February 2nd, 2017

With everyone coming out to Miami next week for the Market America World Conference, I wanted to get back to some beauty basics. I know everyone will want to look their best! And Miami’s sunshine makes everyone look particularly glow-y. Which means, you don’t need much to look polished and put together when it comes to beauty. A little foundation, lip gloss, and mascara can go a long way. So let’s look ahead at three quick tips I’ve learned along the way about properly applying foundation. Can’t wait to see you all next week!

Happy face, happy glow. Just after MUA Renny Vasquez did my makeup. My makeup looks even and natural in this great lighting because it’s been properly applied and blended.

3 Tips for Getting Your Foundation Just Right

#1. Lighting is everything. Proper lighting allows you to truly see the results of your blending. Whenever possible, apply your makeup by the light of a window. Natural light is always the best.

#2. Don’t test for color matches on the back of your hand. This can give you a false positive. Instead, test the formula on your face in good lighting. You can also have a custom blend made for you here.

#3. Blend! There’s nothing worse than seeing streaks, blotches, and hard lines due to makeup that’s not properly blended. Hydration is key to this process. If your skin is dehydrated, it will soak up the makeup unevenly, causing blotchy spots. Also, help your foundation blend more smoothly by adding a little moisturizer to the mix.

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