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Tips for Running Your First Race

So, you’re thinking of running your first race? Well, first of all – good for you! Running your first road race can be really daunting, but you will be so proud when you cross that finish line. Now that you’ve decided to take this on – it’s time to train. So dust off the old running shoes because it's time to hit the pavement. Before you  head out, check out these tips for running your very first race - and, good luck! Xo

Tips for Running Your First Race

  • Find a friend who will join you for the training process and the race – it’ll be so much more fun with a buddy.
  • Drink lots of water – and don’t be afraid to stop at the water stations during the race.
  • Make sure you break in your sneaker and all your running clothes before race day (even your undergarments and socks!)
  • Don’t get frustrated when others pass you.
  • Start slow and find a steady pace.
  • Have a blast!

Are you a regular runner – got any tips for running your first race?

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