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THIS is Why Alicia Looked so Good at the Grammy's

THIS is Why Alicia Looked so Good at the Grammy's, alicia keys, dotti, glamour, makeup

Alicia Keys has glowy gorgeous skin. She works hard to keep her skin looking so good—her skincare routine has been reported to take as much time as any makeup routine.

When Dotti, Keys' makeup artist, spoke to Glamour recently I was surprised to learn that Alicia actually wore some makeup to the Grammy's! I'm not surprised. Alicia may have the best skin in the game but we're all human and when you're center stage during one of the biggest night's in music, you want to look good! Find out what products Dotti used to give Alicia that barely there look.

"We do quite a bit of prep before we even get to makeup—moisturizer, jade roller, and massage," Dotti tells Glamour. "Prepping is the most important thing. You can put any makeup on top, but it's about the quality of the skin you put it on that'll really make it look great." To get to that place, she says, Keys does a lot of the things you don't find at a bathroom sink, like lasers and facials, but she does have a solid trick you can use to make the most of your skin care products. It's all about layering. "I start with a light serum and moisturizer, just to keep the skin quality lush but not weighed down, and for each one, I roll it in with the jade roller, then do another layer," she says.

"I like to break down foundation by mixing it with face oil until it literally becomes translucent," says Dotti, who used Burt's Bees Full Coverage Liquid Makeup in Walnut and Deep Maple mixed with the brand's Complete Nourishment Facial Oil on Keys at the Grammys.

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