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The Ultimate Products to Bring Out Your Inner Glow

I started Motives® Cosmetics because I wanted women to release their inner beauty. I wanted to show women that looking and feeling their best is all about feeling beautiful from the inside out. Now that summer is coming to an end, I want you to show off your inner glow with the help of Lumiere de Vie and Motives®. You game? People want to see the real you so show it off by showing the world your best skin yet!

The Ultimate Products to Bring Out Your Inner Glow

Lumière de Vie® Serum Concentrate is one of our most effective formulas for brightening skin. It uses the power of the sea along with strong antioxidants to give you your best skin yet!

If you've been out in the sun this summer, then it's time to reach for Lumière de Vie® Renewal Elixir. This facial oil is light so it targets the skin at the deepest level to bring you healthy, bright, glowy skin. Couple this with our other Lumiere products and people will be asking for your facialist on the daily.

To add to your inner glow, use Motives® Pressed Bronzer in Hampton. It gives a classic glow to keep up your summer tan all year long!

That candle-lit look is what we're all aiming for. To achieve this, use my favorite highlighter in the Motives® line, Motives® Pressed Blush in Halo!