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Sticking to Your Workout Routine


I have seen so many people on Twitter and Facebook hating on “all the New Year’s Resolutioners” this month.  What happened to being supportive? Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to getting in shape and sticking to your workout routine can be daunting when you’ve got a brand new gym membership.

Smile – don’t scowl! – when you see someone new at your gym. They might need that moral support and motivation to keep going!  Maybe you’re one of the newbies or maybe you’re already in the best shape of your life but everyone needs a refresher when it comes to sticking to your workout routine! If you are someone who has committed to exercising on a regular basis in 2012, I’ve got a few tips for sticking to your workout routine.

Sticking to Your Workout Routine

1. Schedule time to workout with a girlfriend. It help to keep one another accountable.

2. Pay to take a class. Shelling out cash for that spin class will ensure that you go!  You don’t want that money to go to waste.

3. Switch it up! Every month, try something new to avoid boredom and becoming stuck in a rut. A zumba class, Bikam yoga, power walking, or training for a 5k.

4. Don’t over train. Taking a rest day or two each week for exercise to recharge your batteries is a must. Avoiding burnout is important when sticking to your workout routine.

5. Spoil yourself. Maybe  for every week you stick to your workout schedule, you treat yourself to a manicure.  Or at the end of the month you schedule a massage. Give yourself something to look forward to as a reward for all of your hard work!


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