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Step-by-Step: Making the Most of Your Lumiere de Vie Skincare

You’ve taken that step to make Lumière de Vie® your primary skin care line – that’s wonderful news, because it’s amazing stuff! When you make these products part of your daily skin care routine, you’ll be amazed at how soft, smooth and glowy your skin will become – you’ll never be able to stop looking in the mirror! The powerful formulas help cleanse, tone, soothe and protect your skin. Designed to promote the natural healing process for all skin types, there’s nothing gentler with such amazing results. So how do you use all these products? What’s the best routine? Keep reading for my favorite ways to make Lumière de Vie® part of my daily routine.

Lumiere de Vie Needle Free Serum

Step-by-Step: Making the Most of Your Lumière de Vie Skincare

Cleanse with Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser by wetting your hands and face and, in circular motions, apply the cleanser to the face. Rinse with water or a wet washcloth. Repeat morning and night.

Tone. Toning helps to balance the moisture in the skin, making it less oily. It is also considered a second step in the cleansing process. Apply a small amount of Lumière de Vie Toner to cleansed skin using a cotton pad. Using your fingertips, gently massage into skin on face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry. Repeat morning and night.

Detoxify. Apply Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask to the face using clean hands, ensuring a thin layer covers the face and avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes. Repeat 1 to 2 times per week to detoxify the skin.


Treat. In any skincare regimen, the order of products is dependent on the texture of the product è apply the lightest textured products first and end with the heaviest. Apply treatments using a light patting motion, ensuring the entire face has been covered.

lumiere de vie creme

Moisturize. Apply Lumière de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème to the face, avoiding the eye area. Repeat morning and night.

  • Apply Lumière de Vie Eye Balm to the under-eye area using the included metal-tipped applicator. Using the applicator, lightly dab a small amount of Lumière de Vie Eye Balm underneath the eyes, rotating the applicator while moving from the inside corner of the eye to the outside. The applicator, along with the motion of the application, will help to increase the circulation under the eyes, decreasing the look of puffiness and under-eye circles. Repeat morning and night.
  • Apply the Lumière de Vie Advanced Firming Neck Crème to the neck and décolleté for a firmer, younger-looking appearance.
  • Apply Lumière de Vie Intense Hand & Body Crème to the hands and body for super-hydrated skin. Repeat morning and night.

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So, what do you think? Doable? Perhaps your routine doesn’t include all of these steps – you’re more of a mix and match – or, you’re ready for the full regimen. Just remember: cleanse, tone, detoxify, treat and moisturize. It’s that simple.