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Self Care Sunday: 6 Steps to Fully Recharge

self-care Sunday

If you lead a hectic lifestyle like me, it can be hard to find the time for relaxation. Working a 9am-5pm job on the weekdays can take a lot out of you especially if you have another job on the side. Entrepreneurs and business owners often work double those hours every week. It is so important to make time for yourself to nurture your body and your soul with regular self -care Sunday activities to fully recharge.

Self Care Sunday: 6 Steps to Fully Recharge

self-care Sunday

Taking the time just before the start of your week will help you to stay focused on accomplishing your goals and allow you to have some me-time. Honestly, it can be challenging to take time away with a hectic schedule, but I always try to have a day, or afternoon, to myself- you should indulge as well! Are you in need of a much-needed break? Check out some tips below to start your self-care Sundays on the right note.

1. Have a day to sleep in longer.

You may be thinking that your schedule may not allow for a lie-in, but you need a day of rest. Sleep is one of the easiest ways to allow your body to recharge and improve your overall health. Trust me; once you feel the difference of catching a few extra zzz’s, this will become a regular part of your routine.

2. Pamper yourself.

I love taking the time to pamper myself. It’s a great way to have some alone time. Instead of shopping until you drop, stay in and enjoy a hot bath and a facial. Take the time to zone out and relax.

3. Meditate.

Taking time to meditate is right for your body and soul. Quietly sit or lie down comfortably for 10-15 minutes. Breathe naturally and allow your body to relax with controlling its pace. Once complete you will feel cool, calm and collected.

4. Meal prep for the week.

With so much extra time at home to indulge in yourself, keep the momentum going throughout the week with a few healthy meals to keep your energy up. You will be able to save a lot of time during the week and save money.

5. Journal.

Take a moment to clear your mind of all your thoughts with a journaling session. Not only is writing therapeutic, but it will also help you focus on what’s to come ahead in the following week and allow your mind to be at peace.

6. Get in a good workout.

Self-care Sundays are always a good time to fit in a workout. Take the time to release all those feel-good hormones and maintain a healthy body. Exercise is a great way to feel refreshed, and I take advantage every chance I get.


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