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Healthy Living: 5 Quick Tips for a Summer Tone Down

5 Quick Tips for a Summer Tone Down | Loren's World

With summer coming our way pretty quickly, it's time to start thinking about getting fit and slimming down in time for the poolside afternoons and beachside BBQ's. Or maybe it's just time to get back on track with our fitness resolutions. Whatever the case, the experts at The Fit Shop have some quick tips to help us achieve that ideal summer tone down. Read ahead for expert advice from owners Kaisa Kerwin and Adriane Abraham on how to stick to our fitness goals.

5 Quick Tips for a Summer Tone Down | Loren's World
Photo courtesy of The Fit Shop.

5 Quick Tips for a Summer Tone Down

#1. ALIGN & BALANCE: Set an intention for each workout whether it be increasing your weight, running a longer distance, doing an unbroken set, or shifting your " I cants into I cans"

#2. Sunday FUNday: Let’s face it Summer means having fun, looking good and letting loose. Rise and Grind by Invite your best friends for a morning beach workout before you hit the mimosas .

#3. BREAK your routine: Take it outside for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sprints. Do 5-10 100m sprints with a 30 second rest, we DARE you.

#4. Beat the HEAT:  Drink at LEAST 8 cups of water daily. Did you know that consuming sufficient amounts of water can make or break your weight loss goals.

#5. Goals are CLUTCH: Plan your workout week in advance. Schedule workouts in your calendar to hold yourself accountable to your goals. If you don’t, who else will?

The Fit Shop: Quick Tips for a Summer Tone Down | Loren's World
The Fit Shop owners Kaisa Kerwin and Adriane Abraham. Courtesy photo.


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