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Quick Tips for Drinking More Water

Do you ever find yourself watching the whole day go by only to realize you have barely had any water? When you get busy at work or life just gets hectic, it’s easy to forget about the importance of staying hydrated. If you’re having a tough time reaching your daily water goals, don’t worry – it’s easy to make a change! Take a look at these creative ways to drink more water and get hydrated!

Quick Tips For Drinking More Water

  • Add a little hot pepper to your lunch – (Bonus! This helps raise metabolism.) and that spicy food will have you going for some extra hydration.
  • Track your water intake with an app. Check out Water Your Body or Waterlogged.
  • Get a good water filter – this will help your water at home taste even better.
  • Try drinking a tall glass of water rather than reaching for a snack. Chances are you’re actually just parched, not hungry.
  • Add some flavor – try a slice of lemon, orange or other citrus fruit. (this is one of my favorite ways to drink more water)
  • Keep bottled water in your bag – then you have no excuse!
  • Skip the diet sodas and go for water when you’re dining out.

How about you? Got any ideas for ways to drink more water on the daily?