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Personal Post: Loren Ridinger's Surgery Results

Personal Post: Loren Ridinger's Surgery Results, health, healthy, loren ridinger, colon

I feel blessed to announce that I am happy and fully recovered from my colon surgery last week. Read JR's message below and watch the video for more on this health scare.

Personal Post: Loren Ridinger's Surgery Results

We got great news yesterday regarding Loren’s Colon procedures last week to remove the rest of a large polyp that the the Dr. who did the routine colonoscopy (really for another colon issue) and it turned into a nightmare. They found and removed several polyps which were benign but couldn’t get all of the large one. Later that day Loren has severe bleeding and had to be hospitalized which led to a blessing. It led us to find an amazing Colon- rectal Doctor (one of the best in the world) Dr. Alex Ky at #Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC. She was able to remove the base of the polyp plus the margin and suture up the colon to prevent bleeding aaa well as clean up the rest of and remove any remains of other polyps. The Good news is that the histology- pathology report came back reporting they were benign and no carcinoma or dysplasia! No cancer. And all the radiology and blood work came back clear except that her blood volume is low and we have to get it back up by resting (hard for her to do) However this is a “villous adenomatous polyp” which relatively quickly turns into cancer. This would have become an aggressive cancer in a year. So we are thankful that the nightmare turned into a blessing. This type polyp does have a high resurgence rate and often come back so we have to watch jr every 3 months which we will do religiously . So here is Loren’s explanation. We want to thank you all for so many prayers, thoughts and messages and thank God and Dr.Ky. The message here is do not wait to get checked. Better be safe than sorry. Any signs like rectal or stool bleeding, pain or discomfort, changes in bowl regularity could be symptoms of polyps . @marketamerica @lorenridinger #colonoscopy #coloncancer #mountsinaihospital

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Thank you for all your kind words and well wishes! I great right now. Happy to be healthy! Please get checked, people. xoxo

Always thinking about what's next.... ❤️

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