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My Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipes


When the weather is warm and I am ready to hit the beach or the pool, a big heavy breakfast is the last way I want to start my day. This time of year I crave my favorite summer smoothies. Smoothies are such a healthy option for breakfast or any time of the day. You can pack a smoothie with fruit, veggies, protein powder, peanut butter and even granola! Just throw everything in the blender with a little bit of ice and you’re good to go!


Some of my favorite summer smoothie recipes pack a punch with tart berries and greek yogurt, while some satisfy my sweet tooth with a little chocolate or almond butter. Some are perfect when I need a low calorie snack with just fruit and almond milk. When you just can’t think of the perfect snack, check out my favorite summer smoothies!

My Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipes

One of my faves is The Glowing Green Smoothie, which I learned about from celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. This smoothie has been all over the web and in magazines - it’s energizing and will make you glow! Check out the Kimberly Snyder smoothie recipe here!

My go-to smoothie is just a simple strawberry and banana! Low on calories, but totally delicious! Here’s an easy recipe that you throw in the blender:

1 frozen banana

handful of organic strawberries (cut off the stem)

1 cup milk

ice cubes

1 tablespoon honey or stevia (optional)

When I know I need to eat some greens, I go to this Kale smoothie recipe I found on the Whole Foods website. It tastes delicious and is so healthy!

1 1/2 cups unsweetened non-dairy beverage, such as almond, rice or soy

2 dried apricots or 4 pitted dates

1 banana

1 cup chopped kale leaves

1 cup spinach leaves

1/2 cup fresh or frozen berries