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Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur Shares the 4 Benefits of Meditation


If a multi-millionaire credits a lot of their success to meditation, chances are you’re probably going to listen. Khajak Keledjian shared his story with Entrepreneur on how he sold his first company, Intermix, a luxury apparel company, to Gap for approximately $130 million. Then, as legend has it, he went to Burning Man, which is a multi-day transformative music and arts festival in the Nevada desert and saw some Burners (attendees of Burning Man) meditating. He wondered why people didn’t have similar experiences in bigger cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur Shares the 4 Benefits of Meditation


When his father got sick, he went to Armenia to be with him. While visiting some third-century monasteries that are built inside caves, he felt his senses heightened in a way he had only felt once before, during the Burning Man meditations. And he wanted to bring that feeling home with him.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Keledjian founded his second company, INSCAPE, a New York City-based meditation studio, shop, and app “to help people live to their fullest and navigate everyday stressors and challenges.”

Meditation can be an integral part in helping people navigate those everyday stressors, and it has four main benefits, including:

1. Helping with Problem Solving

Keledjian touts meditation for helping him find the answers to various scenarios and questions that came about during his entrepreneurial ventures. It also helps him harness his “intuition, think clearly, and take bold risks.”

2. Relieving Stress

Meditation helps reduce cortisol, or stress hormone, levels. This, in turn, enables you to respond to stimulation instead of being reactionary.

3. Re-Energizing You

When you relieve your stress, you are able to sleep better, which in turn helps re-energize you. Imagine waking up without an alarm clock, and feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

4. Finding Clarity

You get an incredible amount of perspective when you meditate. You’re able to see situations from all sides, so you can make decisions having all of the facts. Your compassion increases and your business sense is also heightened.

Do you meditate? What’s the most amazing insight you have gained through meditation? Tweet me @lorenridinger.



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