Motives Brow Kit Wins ‘Best in Beauty’ Award

Motives-Brow-Kit-Award Best in Beauty

Motives is on a roll! I’m excited to announce that Motives Brow Kit has won a ‘Best in Beauty’ Award for 2014 from This Motives Brow palette is an essential beauty kit that allows you to fill in your brows in exactly the right shade to give them that beautifully arched look, even if you’re in the process of growing them in.

This is particularly exciting news following the ‘Best in Beauty’ Award received for our Lip Lock lip primer from If you’ve been using Motives products, then you already know how great they are. But I’m thrilled that the word is really getting out about the quality and results you can expect from Motives.

Motives-Brow-Kit-Award Best in Beauty

To get your own Motives Lip Lock and Motives Brow Kit, visit SHOP.COM.

Thank you for the recognition, Examiner! We are so honored!





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