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Motives® Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Mike Keute

Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Mike Keute

Our Motives® Beauty Advisor, Mike Keute, had no experience with makeup before becoming a beauty advisor three years ago. He was able to leverage our Motives Education & Training to grow his business, proving that Motives is for anyone. As a private investigator by day, he uses his Motives® business to take time out from work without having to worry about getting paid in addition to retiring his wife so that she can be a stay-at-home mom. Motives® is not only empowering him but his whole family by building an ongoing income and securing his family's financial future. As an added bonus, Mike loves making his wife look and feel beautiful with Motives®. Check out some of Mike's beauty skills at work below.

Motives® Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Mike Keute

Mike is definitive proof that anyone can make an income with the help of Motives®! Learn more about how you can partner with us and join Mike on the way to your financial and time freedom. It's stories like these that remind me how special Motives® is in creating financial freedom! Mike is an example of how hard work can pay off. Congrats, to Mike and his family!

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