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Monday Motivation: How to Turn up Your Happiness


Happiness is a mindset. It’s a state of understanding that we can determine to be in perpetually. So why don’t we choose happiness every single day? It’s as simple as deciding to love yourself and radiating gratitude for every day you're blessed to wake up alive.

Monday Motivation: How to Turn up Your Happiness


Banish Negative Thinking

I know we’ve all been there: your day starts by you sleeping through your alarm clock, and then you spill coffee all over yourself, and you rush into work in a tizzy. Negativity often tends to manifest after a series of mishaps. But that’s life. Take a deep breath and try to let go of that stress, while banishing any negativity that may have crept into your mind. If that doesn’t work, try challenging your bad thoughts. Ask yourself why you are feeling angry, frustrated, and cynical. If you deal with your emotions head-on and work through them, it’s often easier to let go. And remember, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Fresh Air Is a Cure-All

Go outside and take a walk. Listen to a podcast or some motivational music and focus on your breathing. Sunlight also dramatically impacts your mood. Take a nature walk in the forest and get your Zen on, but don’t forget to soak up some vitamin D while you’re at it for the happy-boosting benefits.

Implement the 1-Minute Rule

Make a list of tasks that will take you exactly one minute, from hanging up your coat to opening your mail to putting a dish in the dishwasher. Then bask in the relaxation and happiness that comes along with accomplishing something. Let that quick positivity turn into more, and before you know it, you’ll have cleaned the entire house.

KonMari Your Life

If it doesn’t bring you joy or serve a vital function, get rid of it. Donate clothes to your local women’s shelter or Goodwill, and find the happiness in not only feeling lighter but also knowing you are helping someone in need.

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