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Monday Motivation: How to Reconnect a Disconnected Soul

disconnected soul

Hectic city lifestyles have seen us neglect our purpose, health, and wellbeing. We're often so busy focusing on work we forget to connect with the things that make us happy, leading to a disconnected soul.

Monday Motivation: How to Reconnect a Disconnected Soul

disconnected soul

1. You live an unhealthy lifestyle (mind, body, and soul)

A happy soul is a nurtured one. Unhealthy diets and habits lead to depleted energy levels, tiredness, health problems, and more. An unhealthy mind is often at the core of disconnect; we must nourish our bodies and our minds to achieve good health. Negative self-talk and a lack of self-love must be banished to reconnect. Start your day with positive affirmations to retrain your brain to think positively and set your day up for success. Fill your kitchen with healthy, nutritious food to feel your body and soul. If you don't have unhealthy foods in the house, you won't be tempted to eat it.

2. You tell yourself you don't need anyone.

Solitude and alone time are essential for mental and physical wellbeing. However, going through life telling yourself you don't need others is creating a negative energy force around you. You will push away everyone and find yourself completely alone, which will never be a happy place to be. Did you know that studies discovered that real relationships are the sole key to happiness? Make time to build strong relationships and nurture them to feed your heart and mind.

3. You depend on others.

Expectations and depending heavily on others for survival is a spiritual no-no. Learn to love yourself enough to save yourself and become the hero of your story without relying on anyone else.

4. You put too much emphasis on money and material things.

When money becomes more significant than your heart, you're focusing all of your time and energy on chasing it which disengages your bond with loved ones. Did you know that one of the most shared regrets of people on their deathbed is having spent too much time working, forgetting to live and love?

5. You let your ego control your life.

To feel happy and connected with oneself, you must connect with your true self. Ego creates communication blockages, resulting in you pushing people away rather than being brave enough to tell them how you really feel before it's too late.