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Monday Motivation: 10 Signs You’re Living Your Best Life

living your best life

I love waking up every day filled with purpose and hope for the journey ahead. I didn’t always feel like I was living my best life, but throughout my life, I’ve learned many valuable lessons, and now I choose to live each day with intent, positivity, excitement, and love. Whether you want to live your best life ever, or if you want affirmation that you are, my top 10 signs can function as a checklist or a guide. Let’s make today the best one ever, beauties!

Monday Motivation: 10 Signs You’re Living Your Best Life

living your best life

1. You’ve forgiven yourself and others. And you’ve let go of the past negativity associated with whatever it was you needed to forgive.

2. You are thankful for what you have, and you work hard for what you still want to achieve.

3. You trust your heart, your gut, your intuition – whatever you call it – to make the best decisions for you.

4. You don’t settle. You wait for what is best, right and good for you, always.

5. You appreciate each happy moment, each breath and find your purpose when facing a stressful day, challenge or heartbreak.

6. You practice self-love and self-care daily, and you express, without fear, who you are to the world. You don’t compare yourself to others, but instead, you celebrate your uniqueness and lift up others in the same way.

7. You wake up looking forward to starting a new day, and you go to bed smiling and proud of what you have accomplished.

8. You acknowledge that fear and insecurity are real, but you don’t let either control you. Instead, you channel that energy into something positive to push yourself forward into a happy and productive situation and state of mind.

9. You don’t complain, you don’t gossip about other people, and you don’t judge. You choose to spread positivity and love instead.

10. You see your emotions as strength, and you don’t apologize for how you feel. You speak your truth and honor your heart.

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