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Minx Nails At Home Kit Launches This Month

Exciting beauty news! Did you know that the Minx Nails at home kit launches this month? Minx Nails is launching two DIY decal kits this week. There will be a Minx Nails at home kit exclusively at Ulta called Minx 1, available for purchase on June 3 for $18. The second Minx Nails at home kit, Minx Retail, will debut June 6 at various spas and salons for $16-$18 dollars. This is great news for summer nail art designs! But there's even more news about Minx Nails.

Kim Kardashian white nail polish

The shiny Minx Nails craze made popular by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce can now be customized to your liking. It's not just for celebrities anymore! Minx Nails has released their online customization program and you can choose just about anything for your decal. You can even upload different designs for each nail! There is a lot of room for creativity! Use the salon finder to locate a Minx-affiliated salon near you and the Minx Nails decals are shipped directly there so a professional can apply them. The service is $250, not including application but you get five sets for that price.

Will you customize your Minx Nails or do the DIY Minx Nails at home kit?

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