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Maria Checa Uses Motives® Cosmetics Visionaire Palette

Motives® Cosmetics Visionaire Palette

My sis, Maria Checa, filmed a YouTube video showing customers how to use the Motives® Cosmetics Visionaire Palette. I love this palette because it's cream-based, so every shade is easy to use. They're also hyperpigmented, giving you a color pay-off like no other. Read on to check out the video!

Maria Checa Uses Motives® Cosmetics Visionaire Palette

Maria shows viewers how to apply the cream-based palette to lips, cheeks, and eyes. It's all about blending with our Visionaire palette. First, Maria applied the red shade to the cheeks to show how a little goes a long way. Then, she used a brush for precision application. Use the Visionaire palette on the lips with your fingers for a light shade. Use a brush for a more pigmented look. Pair this palette with one of our Motives® Lip Crayons for extra luscious lips. The highlighter color can be applied on the tops of the cheeks, on the nose, or above the eyebrows. Add some highlight to your eyelids to give your eyes some extra sheen.

Our Motives® Visionaire Lip & Cheek Palette will make for a great gift to your favorite beauty lover! It's the perfect stocking stuffer. Buy it for yourself for the ultimate beauty look. Check it out below!

Motives® Visionaire Lip & Cheek Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $42.00