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7 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger

Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger

As we age, we tend to lose a bit of the radiance and elasticity that gives a youthful appearance. As disappointing as that sounds, however, this doesn’t mean we all have to give up on looking our best. The truth is, it really isn’t about age, but rather how we treat our skin and apply our products that makes us appear younger or older. Looking youthful is really as easy as tweaking  a few products and procedures for a major impact. Read ahead for 7 simple tricks to make you look your best.

Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger

7 Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Younger

1. Always moisturize – Before you begin your makeup application, make sure to moisturize to give your face a more radiant appearance. This will give your makeup a more fluid look.

2. Go for a smoother look – No matter your age, using harsh lines and colors will only make you appear dated and weathered. Instead, choose subtler lipstick shades, blush and bronzers in less-intense tones, and smudge your liner rather than creating dense lines for a look that feels both updated and natural.

3. Go for dewy instead of dry – As we age, our skin loses elasticity and radiance. A dewy complexion will offset the effects of aging, making you look more radiant and youthful than one that’s flat and powdery. Try applying tinted moisturizer and a creamy cheek tint in place of their dryer counterparts.

4. Try natural shades – Swap your darker lipsticks for more understated shades to mimic the natural tone of your lips. Play up the natural pink undertones for a youthful pout.

5. Make your eyes pop – Bring some brilliance to your eyes by curling your lashes as well as adding shimmer eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. This two simple tricks will make your eyes appear more open and luminous.

6. Highlight & conceal – Cover up dark circles, blemishes, dark spots and imperfections of the skin that can make you appear older than necessary by using a liquid concealer. Then highlight and contour (<– click here for a tutorial) to reflect light from your face, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Add a little shine – Add a little clear gloss to the center of your pout to create the illusion of fuller, younger lips. Wear this over a natural, pink-based shade for a full-proof look.



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