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Makeup Essentials: Why You Need Color Correctors

February 3rd, 2017

I don’t know about you, but achieving a smooth canvas with my skin is number one on my list when it comes to makeup. Before I even begin to think about adding any sort of glam, color or dramatic effects, I want to look even-toned. No blotches, dark circles or spots – just smooth and clear. But knowing how to achieve that can sometimes feel complicated. So I thought I’d break it down with these makeup essentials. Trust me when I tell you they’ll change the way you do your makeup. Read on for all the details.

new: motives color correcting quads

Click here to see a video on how to use Motives Color Correction Quads by Ely Marino.

Makeup Essentials: Why You Need Color Correctors

One of the best ways to achieve that is by using one of my favorite products: The Motives Color Correction Quad. Sounds super simple – and, it is. Designed to help you even out your skin tone and correct even the most stubborn blemishes, it’s an essential for your makeup kit and one you soon will not be able to live without. Here’s how it works:

Using the Motives® new Color Correction Guide, you’ll quickly learn how to make the color correction quad your new best friend. Depending on the type of skin you have and what you’d like to correct, you’ll start to see that different colors in the quad will combat different areas of concern.

Motives Launches Color Correction Guide: How to Use It

Start by selecting your concern to learn how to achieve your flawless finish. You can choose from:

  • Dark Circles
  • Redness
  • Dark Spots
  • Dullness

Even though the colors in the quad don’t seem like they’ll even out your skin tone and hide even the most stubborn blemishes – they will! It’s all about using the right combination to achieve the desired effect. And, the best part about this – you’re not just covering your imperfections, you’re correcting them.

By using the simple color correction guide, you’ll learn how to conceal dark circles and discoloration, counteract redness, and brighten dull skin for an instantly-luminous, even-toned complexion. I have to admit, it’s like science and magic came together – because it works like a charm, and it’s the perfect way to prep your face before you move on to foundation.

New Motives Color Correction Quads

SAMPLE: Here’s how to combat circles for “Light” skin:
  1. Brighten dark, under-eye circles with peach
  2. Use Motives® Color Correction Quad: No. 1 (Light to Medium)
  3. Use the concealing shade tan from No. 2 (Tan to Deep) to expertly blend color correcting shades into the skin
  4. Refer to your selected complexion image for optimal shade placement and application technique
  5. Follow with your routine application of foundation and you’re off!

So, what do you think? Will you give this great product a try? For me, it’s the perfect solution for those tough to manage blemishes and uneven skin tone issues that typically leaves me frustrated and feeling dull. And, now…I can’t live without the color correction quads.


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