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Love Lies: Why People Tell You That They Love You When They Don’t

love lies

To me, there is nothing worse than dishonesty and disloyalty. It takes just as much energy to be honest as it does to be deceitful. There are three common reasons why people tell you that they love you when they don’t. Read on to discover the motives behind these love lies.

Love Lies: Why People Tell You That They Love You When They Don’t

love lies

They Want to Manipulate You.

Sometimes people will tell you that they love you to manipulate you. Since the beginning of time, the words “I love you” have been uttered to have sex with someone, to get money from someone, or even to gain the upper hand in a relationship. All kinds of things motivate people, so think about what your partner might be driven by if you fear they are spouting out love lies for an ulterior motive.

They Mean Something Else.

Some people don’t know what love is. We all grow up with different experiences and backgrounds, and they may be conditioned to say they love you if they sort of like you or you make them feel good or they are attached to you in some way. Yes, these feelings are parts of love but more accurately take the shape of “I like you and, you are important to me,” at least for the time being. Feelings can and do grow and evolve beyond their initial stage.

They Don’t Know What Else to Say.

Has someone else ever told you that they love you and you regurgitated the words right back to them, possibly without thinking? It’s more common than you might think. Because you probably don’t want to hurt the other person, telling them that you love them back seems pretty harmless, but don’t do it. Be honest about your feelings, because honesty and good communication are the pillars of strength in all successful relationships. Tell your partner you aren’t ready to say those words yet. They may be hurt and confused, but in the long run, you will both be better off without having built your relationship based on love lies.

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