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Life After Divorce Day: How to Reinvent Yourself

divorce day

January 8 is now dubbed 'Divorce Day' by lawyers due to it being the most popular day of the year for couples to start divorce proceedings to dissolve their marriages. Breakups are never easy, especially for couples who may have been together for a decade or few. The prospect of continuing life's journey alone can be daunting, so it's important to remember there is life after divorce. In fact, for many, divorce leads to going on to meet their soulmate.

Life After Divorce Day: How to Reinvent Yourself

Experts estimate that over 40,500 people will Google "divorce" this month. It's incredibly sad, but having been there for many friends throughout their divorces, I believe it truly is better to walk away than stay in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship.

1. Learn to love spending time alone.

One of the biggest side effects of a relationship breakdown is loneliness. Do what makes you happy. Go shopping alone and treat yourself, have lunch at your favorite restaurant, or tick something off your bucket list. Learn to love your own company and become your own best friend.

2. Do the things you always wanted.

That trip your partner never wanted to go on? Take it. Join a new gym or class. Do the things you've always wanted to do but never quite got around to.

3. Update your look.

Get a new haircut, go darker or lighter, and buy some new statement pieces for your closet.

4. Set new goals.

Now that you have more time to yourself set goals you've always had marinating in the back of your mind. Having focus during times of change will really help you feel grounded and in control.

5. Replenish your social circle.

Many of your friends may be mutual friends with your soon-to-be-ex-partner. It's important to create new friendships that don't remind you of the past. Look out for relevant MeetUps and social groups in your area.

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