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L-O-V-E Yourself This Valentine's Day

Did you know that February is also known as the self-check month? After New Years, we go back to our busy schedules and forget to check in on ourselves. Around the time of Valentine’s Day, I like to pamper myself and my loved ones to remind them that they deserve a break! It is time that you do the same for yourself, your loved ones, and your customers. Here are some ways you can show some L-O-V-E to your skin. You can do this with your partner, BFF, or even better, take advantage of some me-time. 

Love yourself

My ultimate secret for glowing skin is self-love. Self-hate causes wrinkles and stress; we definitely don’t want that. I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself these three affirmations: I am enough, I matter, and I am beautiful. Practice gratitude and speak aloud at least 5 things you are grateful for. Start with the phrase, “I am grateful for,” and end the sentence with the reason why you are grateful. Treat yourself with a warm bath surrounded by the scent of your favorite candle, relaxing music, and a face mask.

Offline time

Everyone must have breaks without their phones, especially when spending time with your loved ones. Turn off social media and put your phone on silent. Take deep cleansing breaths, inhaling for 3 seconds, holding your breath for 3 seconds, and exhaling for 3 seconds. Do this until you feel your whole body relaxed, then go back to your normal breathing. Our minds need a break from the constant stimulation to destress and go back to our natural, calm state. Remember, stress accelerates aging! 

Very relaxing facial massage

We all hold emotional stress on our face. This can become very painful and affects the youthful appearance of our skin. Facial massages have become a huge trend this past year. It boosts circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. A simple way you can do this at home is to start by applying a facial oil, Lumiere de Vie’s Renewal Elixir is my favorite. By using your hands, and/or a crystal roller, focus on your mouth, jaw, and temples. This is where we hold the most tension. Massage the oil into your skin with upward, outward circles using firm pressure. With the crystal roller, roll outward with firm pressure as well. On the jaw, make sure to roll on top, underneath, and behind the ears. On the temples, with your finger, massage with firm pressure in circular motions. Do this with love!


I am sure we have all neglected our exfoliating routines because of our busy schedules. Let’s take this opportunity to exfoliate all those dead skin cells and get our glowing skin back! Use a body scrub, or loofah, in the shower in circular motions. Start with your upper body, then move onto your lower body to promote lymphatic drainage. Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards! I am obsessed with our astaxanthin products, so I moisturize with Lumiere de Vie's Renewal Hand & Body Creme when I want to treat my skin to some extra hydration. 

How are you pampering yourself, or your partner, this Valentine’s day? Comment below!