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Keeping Your Health in Check During MAIC 2019

At MAIC 2019, it’s important that you stay as alert and focused as possible. Brain fog is real when you don’t eat right or take care of your health. When traveling, it can be hard to eat well and feel healthy. That’s why Market America and SHOP.COM urge you to keep your health in chec with some of our health and wellness brands. Read on for more.

Keeping Your Health in Check During MAIC 2019

Start off your day with a healthy shake and a boost to the immune system.

TLS® Plant-Based Protein Shake

When in need of an energy boost for those long days, pack up your Awake Energy Shot or Trim Cafe.

Awake® Energy Shot

Keep your gut happy by taking probiotics. Keeping your health in check means keeping a stomach.

Probiotics 10

Snack healthy! Nuts and seeds, along with fruits and supplements are a great way to stay happy while you’re traveling. Our TLS Core is a great craving crusher!

TLS® CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor

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