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KC Boutiette Shares His Inspirational Story with the Market America Family

Tacoma native and four-time Olympic speed skater, KC Boutiette sat down with Market America to share his story with Market America. He talked about his love for Isotonix products, his inspiring story, and competing on American Ninja Warrior on May 11th. Read some of what he had to say about Isotonix below!

KC Boutiette Shares His Inspirational Story with the Market America Family

MA: So, was there some specific reason or value that you found in both the Isotonix® Peak Performance & OPC-3®? We would love to hear about it!

KC: Well, Peak Performance, if you know my background, is something I helped to create. Market America sponsored me and my ex-wife leading up to the 2006 Olympic Games, and we were taking all the products. It was just bottle after bottle after bottle. I literally said, I’m tired of it and contacted someone at Market America. Once I told them what I took, they came up with a sample and there it is: Peak Performance! Whatever is in Peak Performance is what I was taking. All I did was give them the idea and then they created everything else!

MA: Wow – so you really got to design and put together something that you knew worked for you! So, now that you’re such a part of this, what are the specific products that you feel are really imperative, that have really made a difference to your health or your ability to do the things you do?

KC: All I know is that OPC-3® was a great product that I was taking along with Peak Performance.

For the full interview with KC, click here! He’s a true inspiration!


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