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Island Vibes: How to Get Those Perfect Beach Waves

I recently had the chance to go back to my place in the Bahamas for a little R&R. There’s just something to be said for peaceful beachside reflection – there’s nothing quite like it for re-energizing. I allowed myself to take in the fresh air, lounge around, take in the beauty of the beach, and just finally relax for a bit. So did my hair. There’s no styling tool equivalent to the magic of salt water mixed in the breeze. But if you’d like to try to recreate this relaxed look, my stylist Mylo C. has some tips on how to get the perfect beach waves. Read on for all the details.

Loren Ridinger Beach Waves Tutorial
Island Vibes. Photo on Instagram.
How to Get Those Perfect Beach Waves

I have nature to thank for the waves you’re seeing above. But when I want to recreate this look at MAIC or World Conference, my stylist Mylo Carrion knows how to get it looking perfect. I initially shared his tips on But they’re so worth sharing again. This may be a great look for the holidays, too. Here’s the step-by-step:

For Mylo, it’s all about using the right products to create a flawless look. He relies on my hair being healthy, so we start off with clean, freshly washed hair.

According to Mylo, you have to “shampoo and condition your hair with good quality products that will help keep the moist, softness, and a healthy texture in your hair.”

Next he goes in with a towel, before we let my hair air dry. His suggestion for your own at home blow out is to dry your hair as much as possible.

“Towel dry the excess water out of your hair and then apply a soft protecting oil. This will help keep your hair conditioned while protecting your hair from the heat of your blow-dryer. After this, start air-drying your hair with a rough but gentle touch. Air dry until at least 80% of your hair is dry.” Once my hair is dried to Mylo’s liking we go in with an iconic hair dryer. This is his top tip to keeping your hair looking shiny and smooth!

“Getting a good quality blow-dry is important, especially from an ionic ceramic blow-dryer  because it’s gentle on the hair, it doesn’t dry it, and provides a beautiful shine. Part your hair in four sections and start the blow drying process with the front section first. Then continue with the side sections and end with the back one.”

To keep your hair looking extra healthy, Mylo says it’s all about knowing when to let go. “Always make sure that you don’t over dry your hair.  It is fine to leave some texture from the blowout as it adds an interesting look.”


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