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Hydrating With Coconut Water

It’s been a trend for quite some time now: coconut water. So what’s so great about this power fruit? Well, many say it’s fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie, naturally enriched in electrolytes and, of course super-hydrating.

But perhaps its biggest tout is that it is rich in potassium (twice as much as a banana). Athletes and those who work out hard (notice the word hard), need a lot of potassium after a session to help regulate blood pressure, which in return helps prevent things like stroke, heart attack and hangovers. And for those who swear my sugary sports drink, coconut water has no added sugar and it’s easy on the stomach.

Vita Coco is probably the most popular on the market. Reports say it sold $20 million in juice. Coca-Cola also has their own called ZICO, and they just introduced a new flavor to its collection of Eco-friendly bottles - Tao Mango.

If you don’t really care for the taste of (or lack of) water, you may want to look into coconout water. With the warm months approaching it is more important than ever to hydrate. Find it somewhere!

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