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How To Store Your Makeup

 As a beauty expert I know first hand makeup tends to be dirty and messy.  Products are buried some of them tend to go bad before you even use them.  Below are few ways to maintain your make up in order and store it properly.  Below are some ways on how to store your makeup.

- Keep It Cool: Store your makeup and fragrance away from humidity and heat, which both degrade products.  The bathroom cabinets maybe convenient, but a dresser drawer is better.  Wipe down lipstick cases and compacts regularly with a wet wipe, and wash brushes in warm soapy water.

- Divide and Conquer: Organize your makeup by type and color in clear plastic trays.  These should be shallow, like the kind used for silverware. Place what you use every day at the front and products you use only for evening .

- Color Code: If your lipsticks aren’t labeled by color, you can create your own: Mark a sample on a small white sticker and put it on the top of the tube.

- Roll up: I recommend a washable fabric brush roll for easy access.  It protects the bristles and keeps the brushes separate so they don’t muddy each other.

- Spring Clean: Mark every product with the date opened so you know when it needs to be tossed.  Replace mascara and foundation every three months and lipstick and gloss after a year.  At lease twice a year, I get rid of anything I don’t wear regularly.