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How to Stop Falling for the Wrong People

stop falling for the wrong people

The most common shared characteristic of people who keep falling in love with defective personalities is having a "love picker" set to heartache. The only way to stop falling for the wrong people is to reset your selection process.

How to Stop Falling for the Wrong People

stop falling for the wrong people

#1. Identify and break bad patterns

What are the common themes in your past relationships? Two typical behaviors shared by modern daters is to pick partners who are emotionally unavailable subconsciously or be severely lacking self-love which can be disastrous to your entire existence.

#2. Work on yourself

Once you know why you subconsciously pick the wrong partners, you can start making the necessary changes internally to select better mates.

#3. Manifestation

Visualize your perfect partner - what do they look like on paper? What shared values must they possess to make you truly happy? Write everything down and keep your list in your wallet. Once you tap into your subconscious mind, you'll be more mindful in your approach to dating and less likely to entertain the same wrong characters. Let your newly reformed intuition guide you and swipe left or right accordingly.

#4. Watch out for red flags

When we know deep down that someone is not good for us, we see a number of red flags. Look out for these and ignore them at your peril - there is no point spending time and energy on yet another dating disaster. Love yourself enough to attract good people that will treat you right. Vibes don't lie!