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How to Slay When It Feels like Your Life Is Falling Apart


At times when it feels like everything is falling apart, things may actually be falling together. When it seems like your whole world is falling apart, your mindset dictates how you react. Allowing yourself to worry can add fuel to the fire and create a negative energy field around you. Trust in the universe and her process.

How to Slay When It Feels like Your Life Is Falling Apart

falling apart

Sometimes, our circumstances have to change to make way for a better life. Certain aspects need to fall apart to build a stronger foundation. Let's think about it for a minute. A man being made redundant by a company he worked for his whole life could feel like the worst moment of his existence. But how he reacts is critical. What if he perceived this moment as an opportunity to focus on starting a life-long business idea? And what if this idea becomes a multi-million dollar business? As my brother, Fat Joe said in his inspirational #MAWC2018 speech 'Let your darkest moments bring you the most clarity. Bad times are a blessing in disguise.'

When the universe throws three or more difficulties at us at once, it's natural to feel uncertain, downhearted, demotivated and fearful. If we allow those feelings to take over, the energy we radiate can create even more chaos. Here's how to ride out the storm:

#1. Put things in perspective.

Remind yourself it's just a bad day (or period); not a bad life. Try not to catastrophize things. When we're stressed, little things can feel huge, so we have to put things in perspective to keep our mindset positive.
You can't always control life's obstacles such as randomly losing your job, but you can control how you respond. Try and focus on the opportunity that could arise from such life experiences. You could finally start searching for your dream job.

#2. Meditate.

Worry is a destructive emotion. Meditation can help you calm down and relax. A calmer state of mind allows you to focus on finding the solutions rather than focusing on the problems. Make self-care a priority during troublesome times to steer yourself away from self-destructive behaviors.

#3. Roll with the punches.

Overcoming significant difficulties gives us the confidence and positivity to see the little day to day issues we face for what they are; irrelevant. There is always a solution, and there is nothing that you cannot handle.

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