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How to Silence Your Inner Critic

inner critic

If you've ever had that 'eureka' moment about a great new business idea before fear creeps in and an inner voice starts throwing self-doubt classic one-liners like "You haven't got what it takes" - that's your inner critic. This inner voice will prevent you from anything and everything good in your life until you learn how to overpower it.

How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Fear and doubt are two of the biggest roadblocks to success. The only person who has the ability to overcome self-doubt is you. Does your inner critic support you or tear you down? The only way to get out of your own way is to train your inner voice to become your biggest cheerleader.

What triggers your inner mean girl? Is it your weight? Your body shape? Your face? Or your ability to become successful in your career or entrepreneurial path? Listen to how you to speak to yourself throughout the entire day today. Is it positive and supportive? If not, it's time to activate your conscious mind to shut those thoughts down.

1. Become conscious of your inner voice.

Over the next 24 hours, take note of how you talk to yourself. Analyze what your inner critic attacks the most.

2. Activate your inner mean girl shutdown.

Every time you notice your inner critic picking on yourself, say "cancel" or create a stop word for yourself. Distract your mind. Tell yourself something you love about yourself.

3. Work on what it is you don't like.

Take action today. If it's your weight you're feeling uncomfortable with, join the gym or that new local class today. Just knowing you've started your weight loss journey will be a huge inspiration. If it's public speaking that sends you down a self-conscious rabbit hole, join a class to strengthen those skills. Facing your fears head-on is the most terrifying yet empowering journey you will ever take.

In one week, compare how differently your upgraded inner voice is talking to you now. Keep working at it. Remind yourself of all the beautiful gifts you bring to the world.