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How to Set Successful Intentions

Knowing how to set successful intentions is essential if you want to achieve the life of your dreams. Why wait until new year’s eve to start manifesting your dream life? Start now, and you can start the new year half-way towards where you want to be.

1. How does your dream life look? How does it feel? What would it mean to you to achieve this goals? What would it mean to your family? Dream it. Visualize it. Keep focusing on it every morning when you wake up, and every night before you fall asleep.

2. Believe in your intentions coming to fruition so passionately that there is no other option but for them to become your reality. Fear and lack of belief are two of the biggest culprits when it comes to holding ourselves back. Breathe in positive vibes and visuals of your intention coming real, breath out any negative thoughts.

3. Place your hand over your heart and state your intention by saying it out loud. Add it to your vision board. Live like it’s going to happen at any moment. Write about it. Talk about it to your trusted, supportive circle. You need to focus on it every single day to give power to the universe to make it happen.

4. Learn to extinguish and redirect your thought patterns any time your negative inner voice starts voicing its doubts. Focus on the positive. Focus on doing everything you can to make it happen – your confidence and belief will soar the more you’re kicking open doors to make things happen.

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