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How to Put Together a Professional Makeup Kit

If you’re thinking of becoming a professional makeup artist, first of all – good for you! Getting started on the right foot means putting together a professional MUA kit that will set you up for success. From being organized to having all the right brushes and pigments – getting started takes some work. Think of your makeup kit as your portfolio – the tools will allow you to create beautiful work that will get you known. Here are my tips for putting together a professional mua kit with all the must haves – while leaving room to grow and change out products with time and trends.

How to Put Together a Professional Makeup Kit

  • Skin Care: include makeup remover, moisturizer, primer etc.
  • Foundations: Include cream, liquid, powder, tinted moisturizer etc.
  • Concealer: Go for a variety of concealers including pencil, crème and gel. Be sure you have enough colors to cover dark circles and redness.
  • Powder: Make sure you have all types of powder (loose, pressed) and all shades – from light to dark.
  • Eyes: From pressed powders to creams, this is another one where variety is key for achieving different looks. You’ll want to include liners, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencils and false lashes.
  • Cheeks: Be sure to have a wide variety of shades and types of product available to you (powders, gel, mousse, stains and crème)
  • Lips: You’ll need a wide selection of colors for this one (everything from nude to red) – it might be wise to go for a full palette!
  • Brushes and tools. You’ll want a complete brush kit along with simple tools like an eyelash curler, tissues and cotton swabs.


Putting together a professional MUA kit is a lot of work – am I forgetting anything?


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