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How to Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

how to let go

Don't let anyone or anything waste your time this year! Your time is precious, so stop squandering it on tasks that don't align with your goals and people who drain you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Here's how to let go of everything and everyone who no longer adds value to your life in 2020.

1. Learn the Lesson

Everyone comes into our lives as a blessing or a lesson. Even the most painful relationship breakdowns bring wisdom. History may repeat itself in future relationships unless you take the time to identify the lessons the universe is trying to teach you. You may have played no active role in a relationship breakdown, but there's a lesson somewhere you need to learn. Did you hold onto a partner for too long because you're scared to be alone? Are you allowing a toxic friendship or business partnership to cause tension in your life because you loathe confrontation?
Reflect and identify any areas you need to work on personally before you start the process of letting go.

Apply the same process of reflection to activities you wasted time on last year that don't align with your 2020 goals. It's time to make positive changes.

Focusing on the lesson helps your heart let go of anger and disappointment, and focus on the positive outcomes.

2. Focus on the WHY

Focus on the why. WHY do you need to let go of someone or something? Write a list of how this person or behavior is no longer serving you. Behaviors to let go of including anything from negative self-talk and poor dietary habits to continuously falling for emotionally unavailable partners. Follow a guided meditation on how to let go to visualize letting this person or action go. If you're letting go of a toxic relationship, let go with love and peace to avoid feelings of resentment and anger, which will only eat away at you over time.

3. Focus on You

Replace negative energy with good energy. Invest in positive relationships and spend time on activities that make you feel good. The more you focus on the benefits of letting something or someone go, the easier the process will be on your mind and soul.

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