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Wisdom Wednesday: How to Learn to Love Yourself

love yourself

Our minds are often trained from a young age to focus on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right. The additional effects of the media influence us to compare ourselves to their ideals of perfection, both in looks and lifestyle. All this combined can leave us feeling less attractive, intelligent, and less worthy of love than we are. It’s time to learn how to love yourself.

Wisdom Wednesday: How to Learn to Love Yourself

love yourself

1. You are your first love.

Everything in life, positive and negative, flows from your relationship to yourself. If you treat yourself with love, respect, and compassion, you will live a happier life. Treat yourself negatively, and your life will be negative. Stop being your own worst enemy; focus on the things you love about yourself, and work on the things you don’t yet love about you.

2. Achieve day-to-day love.

Treat yourself like an important person worthy of respect and love. It’s important to have goals, but don’t place unreasonable expectations on yourself. Treat yourself as you do the people you genuinely love.

3. Embrace your darkness.

Learn to embrace your dark side on dark days when those old internal friends pessimism, lazy, and depressed come out to play. Not every day will be unicorns and rainbows. Be true to yourself, and understand a bad day is merely a bad day, not a bad life.

4. You are perfectly flawed.

Our unique flaws can be what makes us so beautiful. Own your past; deal with any trauma, abuse or disappointment so that you can forgive yourself, heal and move forward open to love and life.

5. Who are you?

Learning to love yourself requires understanding who you are and accepting it. We all have unique abilities which can be anything from entrepreneurial spirit to athletic performance or creativity. One of the most potent expressions of self-love is sharing your gifts with the universe.


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