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How to Increase Happiness in 6 Easy Steps


Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes it can be fleeting. Hold on to it a little bit longer and conjure it up whenever you need a boost of positivity with my easy steps to increase happiness in your life.

How to Increase Happiness in 6 Easy Steps


 #1. Share Your Beautiful Smile with the World.

Wake up every morning and force yourself to smile. You’ll feel silly at first, but eventually, you can’t fight it anymore, and you will genuinely feel happy. Smiling is contagious, even for yourself.

#2. Start a Gratitude Journal and Write in It Every Day.

Let yourself free write but keep everything positive. Just let the words flow from your heart, and make sure to take time to re-read some of your older entries to get re-inspired and feel gratitude through and through.

#3. Pursue Your Passion Fearlessly.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Start writing. Break down your dreams into clear and actionable mini-goals and then live your dreams. Stop being afraid and do it. You are worthy of a passion-filled life of happiness.

#4. Practice Mindful Gratitude.

Think about everything you’re grateful for and take the time to dwell on each individually. Why are you thankful for your dog? Why are you grateful for your business? Spend some time each day thinking thoughts of gratitude and saying “thank you” for them over and over in your head.

#5. Let Go of Anything That Doesn’t Serve Your Happiness.

Letting go is hard for many reasons but purging your life of things that foster negativity and exhaustion will only make your life happier.

#6. Give Back by Giving a Piece of Your Heart.

Volunteer at a local charity that you love or start your own. Grab your friends and spread the love. You will never regret helping someone in need.

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