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How To Highlight Your Cheek Bones

November 9th, 2011

Ever wonder how models and celebrities get that beautiful shimmery glowing look on their cheeksHighlighting your cheeks is a great way to make your best features stand out and for those who don’t have a high cheek bone it gives you a chance to create one.  If you have high cheekbones like me, it gives an opportunity to add more definition to your face.  Highlighting your cheeks is also a great way to shine when being photographed, accenting your best features and giving you a glowing healthier look.

Here’s what you will need: blush rosy, plum, or bright pink shades.  Bronzer preferably with shimmer.  Highlighting powder and brush.

Here’s how: Use a bronzer on the bottom of your cheek bone to “shade” the area of your cheek by making a fish face.  This is the part of your face near the bottom of the cheekbone that sinks in it’s place to shade.  Use an upward sweeping motion following the line of the low part of the bone.  The idea is to highlight and create definition where you don’t have one.

Use a highlighter (I recommend Motives Cosmetics Luminous Translucent powder) and apply to the tops of your cheek bones, using the same upward motion.  This should follow the bone up around to your eye sockets.

Apply light blush on the apples of your cheeks (Lorac’s rosy blush) but avoid blushing the apple- you always want the darker color on the bottom part of the apple for the shading effect.

Use a highlighter/bronzer (Motives Cosmetics and Lorac’s are great) for this! This will add definition and highlight in one sweeping move.



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