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How to Get over #FOMO to Live Your Best Life


FOMO stems from unhappiness and anxiety and wanting to feel like we belong. And it’s only made worse by social media, which we are all addicted to in some capacity. Keep reading for my best tips on how to break this vicious FOMO (fear of missing out) cycle and find the happiness within your own life.

How to Get over #FOMO to Live Your Best Life


Stop Looking for Happiness on Social Media

Social media can be amazing, but it’s also an alternate, heightened reality. Look for happiness in your day-to-day life, your real life, and be connected with the people and events that occur. Consider doing a social media detox once a month for a weekend, or even one day a week. You may find something amazing in real life to fill your newfound time with.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Multitasking is a myth (sorry) because the brain can only perform one action at any given time. When you give your full attention to a task, you allow yourself to become immersed in it, and you’re able to appreciate it for all of its nuances. Not only that, you can complete the task more quickly and with more accuracy, than if you were trying to focus on several other things. Learn to take time to appreciate what you’re working on, no matter how small the task, and you’ll grow to find beauty in the ordinary.

Cultivate Gratitude

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about the future, but until then, feel gratitude about where you are in life RIGHT NOW. Every day is one step closer to your dreams, so be grateful for the struggle and the hard work, and savor the present moment.

Prioritize Experiences and Relationships

Experiences and relationships will bring you more joy and value in life long-term than social media, acquisitions, purchases, or things. Focus on experiences that you find valuable, like travel or live music, and make sure to fill your life with more travel and more music. Relationships are also important, so be sure to have face-to-face conversations with loved ones and keep growing and learning together.

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