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How to Get Back Into Exercising After a Break

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So, you're in the middle of taking a little workout break. We all need rest and relaxation! But maybe you've taken it too far. Now you're revving up to get back into your routine. Exercising is a major part of your overall health so it makes senses, but you're wondering where to start. Read here for more!

How to Get Back Into Exercising After a Break

Go Slow- Go at your own pace. You don't have to go all in. I get it, you want abs of steel but you also want to take care of yourself. Going all-out after a workout break might be cause for an injury and can lead to frustration. You've been resting, your body isn't ready for an intense workout right now.

Do What You Love- You've been putting off working out because you don't enjoy it. Instead, get back in there and do a workout that speaks to you whether it's a gym session, yoga or a dance party in your living room. Remember why you used to enjoy working out so much. A nice run outside gave you that runner's high to help you tackle the rest of your day so get back to it!

Take Your Supplements- Aid your workout routine by taking some supplements that help your body get back into it! JR and I swear by Isotonix! The OPC-3 formula does wonders for us when we're working out.

A Small Break is Okay- Sometimes, knowing that we can quit for a bit and get back into it makes us healthier and stronger. You can be perfect and completely consistent so a small break is needed from time to time. Gives your body time to heal when you take a break. Knowing you can always go back to a great workout routine makes it easier to take breaks and try again.

You got this!