How to Erase a Makeup Mistake

How to Erase a Makeup Mistake | Loren's World

It seems that the worst makeup mistakes always happen at the most inopportune time. Usually when it’s time to run out the door and get going to wherever you were supposed to be 30 minutes ago, mascara melts all over sultry eye shadow, lipstick smears on perfectly blended foundation, and eyeliner refuses to stay put. This is usually the time when anyone would panic and start considering wiping it all off and starting from scratch. But before you go making yourself later than is ever considered fashionable, try these quick fixes and save what’s working about your look.

How to Erase a Makeup Mistake | Loren's World

How to Erase a Makeup Mistake

Too Much Lipstick – Problem: In an effort to create a pouty lip, you’ve globbed on too many layers of product and now just want to get rid of it altogether. Solution: Instead of rubbing it all off, blot your lips on a makeup wipe (a baby wipe works well, too). This will remove some of the goopy mess and make your lips feel a little fresher. Lightly pat dry with a tissue, and gently correct any color mistakes before inserting your finger between your lips to ensure perfectly white, lipstick-free teeth.

Smudged Lipstick – Problem: You’ve perfectly blended your foundation and given it the flawless finish you wanted only to smudge bright red lipstick onto it. Solution: Take a flat foundation brush and lightly dip it in concealer or foundation. Cover up the affected area and carefully line the area around your lips. This will also help to keep it in place without bleeding.

Too Much Blush – Problem:  You’ve become so intent on giving yourself a healthy glow, that it looks a lot more like you’ve gone for a run, instead. Solution: Take a large powder brush, dip it in loose powder, shake off a bit of product, and gently top the blush until it reaches your desired strength.

Smudged Mascara – Problem:  Perhaps in an effort make those lashes pop, you’ve also taken the wand to the rest of your face. Solution: Continue working on your making and come back to that mascara once it’s had a chance to dry. Then lightly take the end of a q-tip and roll it onto the mascara. Do that two or three times and it’ll come right off without disturbing the rest of your look.

Uneven Eyeliner – Problem: Anyone who’s ever tried to do a cateye can attest to the fact that sometimes, it’s easy to build wings well onto the sides of your face. Solution: Don’t attempt to keep evening them out. Instead, bring it back to the edge of the eye by lightly dipping a q-tip in some makeup remover, blotting it on a tissue, and gently erasing the excessive lines. Dry the area on your face, reapply foundation and powder with a slender brush, and attempt the liner again, this time, using a pencil to guide your line. Finally, top with liquid liner.

What are some of your tips and tricks for correcting beauty blunders?



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