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How to Communicate with People Who Can’t Communicate

how to communicate

Us humans expect other people to think and feel just like us – this is one of the main reasons for conflict. The majority of us are offended or hurt when others treat us in a way we would never treat them. When making new friendships or acquaintancses, or when we fall in love, we expect them to see, feel, and communicate the same way we do, which ultimately leads to frustration, conflict, disappointment, and resentment. The only antidote to this potentially toxic situation is to have enough faith and trust in each other to accept your differences and let go of such unrealistic expectations. Read on to discover how to communicate effectively.

How to Communicate with People Who Can’t Communicate

how to communicate

Step 1:

We’ve been conditioned our entire lives to believe that there is only one reality – the one that we perceive. The truth is, everyone has their own unique perception of reality. We can’t expect others to feel and see everything the same way. Once we accept this, we can move on with our lives.

Step 2:

Practice the Imago Dialogue. This method requires both parties to agree to let one person talk at a time, while the other listens. The basic principles need partners to mirror by repeating back everything you heard to rewire your brain to listen without analyzing or critiquing. The next step is to validate their opinion by telling them that you understand their perspective, before emphasizing with how they feel.

Step 3:

Take the Enneagram test to identify your personality type. The top three scores give you an insight into your personality types. Ask your partner to take the test too. Understanding the difference between both of your personality types helps you to understand your differences in opinions and outlook on life.


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