How Important is Sleep?


Do you often wonder how important is sleep? No one knows the importance of sleep as much as I do! My work keeps me so busy and traveling so often that I truly cherish ever little moment of sleep I can get. I know when I am not getting enough sleep. My normally bubbly personality becomes a little grumpy, my skin doesn’t have its usual glow and I get deep circles under my eyes. Sometimes l feel like a lack of sleep even contributes to catching colds!

Next to a healthy diet and exercise, sleep is my number one! Sleep contributes to a bunch of things that keep you healthy and happy. Many people have trouble sleeping and have to seek professional advice to get to the root of the problem. Did you know there is even an organization called The National Sleep Foundation?

The next time you’re thinking of skimping on your z’s, remember these facts about the importance of sleep!

How Important is Sleep?

  • Sleep keeps your memory strong
  • Sleep deprivation can actually cause weight gain
  • Lack of sleep can contribute to acne
  • Getting enough sleep helps you learn, concentrate and understand new ideas





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