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Homemade Sunscreen: 4 Recipes You’ll Love

Homemade Sunscreen Recipes | Loren's World

Warmer weather means even more sunscreen (which, by the way, you should already be wearing every day, regardless of the weather!).  If you want to make your own as a fun and time-saving DIY project, check out these four great recipes I found on Pinterest. If you have kids, the lotion bars are an adorable project to do together over the summer. Have fun!

Homemade Sunscreen Recipes | Loren's World

Sunscreen Lotion Bars These sunscreen lotion bars are easy to grab and great to pack up. They also make a great DIY project for little ones over the summer. Check out this version by Homemade Mommy.

Homemade Sunscreen Bars| Loren's World

Basic Sunscreen Here’s a simple, all-natural sunscreen recipe by The Holistic Mama.

Basic Homemade Sunscreen | Loren's World

Sunscreen with Essential Oils For a healthy sunscreen recipe with essential oils, try this one by Jennifer Lambert.

Homemade Sunscreen with Essential Oils | Loren's World

Coconut Oil Sunscreen For a homemade coconut oil-based sunscreen recipe, here’s one by Health Impact News. 

Coconut Oil Sunscreen Recipe | Loren's World


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