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Holiday Skincare

The holidays are here! That calls for yummy food, quality time, and unfortunately, breakouts. The two main reasons why people’s skin tends to break out during the holidays are food and stress. Everyone’s skin is different when reacting to diet and stress because some people are more sensitive than others. Here are some treats to avoid and ways to combat stress to prevent breakouts this holiday season. 

Treats to Avoid

Sugary Drinks

I love holiday-themed drinks! But, all that sugar and processed syrups are horrible for your health. Our skin is a reflection of our health and sugar is a major trigger for acne. Refined carbs are absorbed rapidly into the system, causing blood sugar and insulin levels to spike. Insulin stimulates the activity of your hormones, causing skin cells to multiply faster and increasing sebum production. Instead, get a latte with tea, avoid dairy, and use healthier sweetener alternatives, like monk fruit sweetener. 


Leave the Christmas cookies for old Saint Nick. The icing plus the cookie itself is sugar overload! And like I said above, that is a perfect recipe for a breakout. Make your cookies “healthier” by using almond flour instead of all-purpose, and reduce the amount of sugar. 

Ways to Combat Stress

Unfortunately, Holidays also come with stress. Considering the long work hours, getting through your gift list, and dealing with crazy family members, it is completely normal to feel stressed. Remember to check in with yourself and get some needed TLC. Whether it be scheduling in some breathwork or having a mini spa day, make YOU the priority. Health is wealth. 

Here are my favorite products I like to treat myself to when I’m stressed. 

Happy holidays! xoxo



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