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Healthy Ways to Get Moving This Weekend!

Heading to the gym after a long day at the office is tough for anyone – and finding the motivation to be active on the weekends can be even more of a challenge after a long week. What we often don’t realize, is that being active doesn’t always have to mean lifting weights at the gym or running for miles. There are healthy ways to get moving this weekend that can be so much fun – you won’t even notice you’re exercising. From hanging out with your dog at the park to spending time gardening with your family – take a look at these ideas for healthy ways to get moving this weekend.

Healthy Ways to get Moving this Weekend

  • Throw a ball for your dog for 30 minutes or so – Rufus will love you for it!
  • Wash your car.
  • Join friends or family for lunch or breakfast, but walk to and from the restaurant.
  • Take a dance lesson with your partner.
  • Rake the leaves with your kids.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Clean your house.
  • Join a friend for a yoga class.
  • Collect shells at the beach.
  • Go for a hike to check out the fall leaves.

What are your favorite ways to get active?