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Glam Halloween Makeup Ideas

Glam Halloween Makeup Looks & Ideas | Loren's World

September has flown by and October is creeping in with Halloween just around the corner. Whether you want to celebrate quietly with your family, trick or treat with the kids, or go to an all-out bash, costume ideas extend far beyond the simple tights and cape getup. Add a glam makeup look to your existing costume for a really dramatic effect. Or just wear something simple with one of these looks – they’re so beautifully glamorous, you won’t need much to stand out. Just remember to use primer before applying eye shadow to make it stay put and use a setting spray to make the entire look last all night. Here are some glam makeup ideas to make this Halloween truly spectacular. Which is your favorite?

Glam Halloween Makeup Looks & Ideas | Loren's World

Glam Halloween Makeup Ideas

 1) Cleopatra – Check out this gorgeous take on the classic Cleopatra costume. Choose complementary blues and greens with a sparkly gold shadow to offset the bright colors. Check out the Motives Pro Color Eye Shadow Pallete for a whole slew of options.

Cleopatra Halloween Makeup Look

2) Lace Mask Makeup: This is such a glamorously gorgeous look that reminds me of some of those really fantastic high-fashion runway shows in Milan. Use a liquid liner like Motives Luxe Precision Eye Pencil in Jet Black for the fine detail work. Throw on a great gown to go with this beauty.

Lace Mask Halloween Makeup

3) Red & White Queen: This intense look is not for the tame.  The red and white theme goes well with a vampire, Queen of Hearts, or Victorian ghost costume. Red always makes a statement! Try Motives Rich Formula lipstick in Go Red for the perfect fiery hue.

Red and White Queen Halloween Makeup

4) Vintage Comic Book Diva: Here’s a fun one for the comic book fans. This adorable comic book diva would look great in some peep-toe heels, pencil skirt, and cardigan. Try Motives Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black Magic for strong accent details that won’t sweat off.

Vintage Comic Book Diva Makeup

5) Dia de los Muertos: Inspired by traditional Mexican “Dia de los Muertos” sugar skulls, this look works well with an all-black ensemble. Use a lip color in a deep wine like Motives for La La Manhattan  to finish the look.

Dia de Los Muertos Makeup Sugar Skull

Stock up on makeup supplies at to create these looks and check out our Halloween Spooktacular ideas and deals for everyone in the family (including your pet)!




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