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Get the Look with Motives®: Static

Ely Marino is back with a new eye look that you can't miss. This time she used our Motives® for La La Static Palette. Ely went for a summery look complete with purple and red hues to brighten up the eye and give you a sunset appeal. Use this palette right and you might be able to pull off this summery look as well. I love when influencers show how to use Motives® because it reminds me of what starting this line was all about—getting creative with makeup. This look is the ultimate and you won't want to miss it! Read on for more!

Get the Look with Motives®: Static


Get the look:
1.Begin by blending “Attitude” slightly above the crease 

2.Using a smaller brush blend “Fever” into the crease

3.Pat “Wrecked” onto the lid and blending color slightly into the crease to meet “Fever”

4.Apply “Extravaganza” to the very center of the lid

5.Apply “LBD” gel liner and smudge out with “Wrecked” shadow

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Motives® for La La Static Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $49.95