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Get the Look with Motives®: Blushing Beauty

I love when we work with beauty influencers to bring you gorgeous looks. We want you to succeed as a beauty advisor, so working with these gurus shows customers just what Motives® Cosmetics can do. If you thought your blush was just meant for your cheeks, think again. Ely Marino played with our blush formulas to create the look below. Read on to find out how to recreate this Blushing Beauty look at home.

Get the Look with Motives®: Blushing Beauty

Get the look:
1. Begin by applying “Intriguing” blush onto the eye lid

2. Taking a blending brush, blend out the color in windshield wiper motions

 3. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with “Starshine” shimmer powder 

4. Apply “Intriguing” blush onto the outer half of the lower lash line 

5. Highlight the highest point of the brow bone with “Starshine” shimmer powder